Big Toe Pain

By Sarah Howes

Causes of Big Toe Pain

Are you feeling an uncomfortable pain in your big toe? This article covers common causes of big toe pain from simple swollen toes to more serious conditions.

The big toe plays a vital part of foot mobility as it helps to balance and takes most of the impact when walking compared to the rest of the toes. Here are 4 common causes of Big Toe Pain.

Common Causes of Big Toe Pain

Symptoms of bunions include swelling and inflammation at the base of the big toe and pain when walking. A common cause of bunions is from poor walking form where your foot tends to roll inwards. This may be caused by wearing incorrect sized shoes or it could be a genetic problem associated with arthritis.

Wearing comfortable correct sized footwear will help ease the pain, however it is best to see your podiatrist/specialist so they can diagnose and recommend a toe splint. The toe splint which is worn while sleeping will help align the toes.

Hallux Rigidus (Big Toe Stiffness)

Hallux Rigidus is arthritis and stiffness in the joint of the big toe and caused by natural wear and aging and associated with poor foot function. Swelling near the joint that looks like a ball or bump on the side of toe is noticeable and causes pain and stiffness. There is both non-surgical and surgical treatments that involve various stages for treatment. Please contact your doctor or specialist as soon as possible , early treatment will help ease the pain.


Gout is an acute inflammatory arthritis which can occur in the big toe. It is caused by uric acid in the blood that builds up in the joints. Typical symptoms are redness and swelling at the joint of the big toe and intense pain.

Gout can be caused by a bad diet, your diet can help in the recovery of gout. It is important to contact your doctor or specialist as soon as possible to diagnose the correct treatment for gout depending on how advanced the condition is.


Big toe pain can occur from a toe sprain caused by trauma such as a sudden impact of movement while playing sports that causes your toes to jam into the end of your shoes. This trauma can cause a swollen toe that can be treated by using the ice and elevate method described in detail on our swollen toe page.

Big Toe Pain Summary

big toe painWhether you have suffered a traumatic injury from playing sports such as a swollen toe or have been woken up at night with throbbing pain in your Big Toe – it is best to contact your doctor or specialist as soon as possible to determine the correct treatment. Your toes are a vital part of foot mobility so please take care and avoid pain in your big toe.

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