Bunion Surgery

By Sarah Howes

Is Bunion Surgery Right For You?

bunion can be treated without the need for bunion surgery. Bunions can occur from arthritis, polio or most commonly from wearing incorrect sized footwear. The most common cause is from wearing pointed shoes that disfigure the natural foot shape and force the toe into an unnatural position. Women’s high heel shoes are an example of the type of shoes that can cause this unnatural position to occur.

If your bunion is not serious and you are not experiencing major pain then you can cure your bunion without surgery. The first step in curing would be to start wearing appropriate footwear that are comfortable and is not going to disfigure your toes. Pain and swelling caused by a bunion due by arthritis can be minimised by medication prescribed by your doctor.

If your bunion is causing severe pain then the next possible solution will be to have surgery. The best surgery outcome will be one that reduces the pain and corrects any disfigurement of the toes. When choosing the right surgery you need to understand what each type of surgery can and cannot achieve. There are no quick fix surgeries that will work 100% so please contact your doctor or orthopaedic specialist to discuss the pros and cons.

There are many different surgery procedures available. Your orthopaedic specialist will recommend one of the following bunion surgery procedures depending on your condition:

Types of Bunion Surgery

bunion surgery

Tendon and Ligament Repair

  • The tissue on each side of the bunion could be tight on one side and loose on the other. The procedure works by trying to shorten the loose tissue and lengthen the tight tissue.


  • This type of procedure is for more severe cases including ones caused by arthritis. It involves removing the joint surface and using screws and plates to realign the toe.

Resection Arthroplasty

  • This form of procedure is commonly used for patients who have had previous bunions and involves removing part of the joint completely to provide a flexible joint.


  • This involves a surgical operation that involves cutting the bone to shorten it and letting it realign.

Bunion Surgery Summary

bunionPlease contact your doctor or orthopaedic specialist to determine the best bunion surgery procedure to cure your bunion. The success of your treatment will depend on how early you treat your bunion and how well you follow your doctors advice. Following bunion surgery you will need to have regular check ups for the next few months to ensure correct healing.

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