Numbness in Toes

By Sarah Howes

7 Ways to Cure Numbness in Toes

Are you feeling a tingling or a loss of sensation in the toes? If so then your going to want to read this article. We will cover the more common causes of numbness in toes and 7 ways to cure. The numbness could be a simple result of restricted blood flow to the foot such as your foot going to sleep or a more serious problem with your body.

Most likely the numbness will be caused by a lack of blood flow to the toe which could be result of a lack of movement (sustained period of sitting in a certain position) or wearing the wrong sized shoes. If you are feeling numbness in toes then try changing your position and the numbness may eventually fade away as the blood starts to recirculate.

A more common cause of numbness in the toes is from wearing incorrect sized shoes, especially during exercise when our feet swell (both lengthwise and widthwise). When buying a pair of walking or running shoes consult a reputable retailer that can advise the best shoe for the activity you want. It may be as simple as using an arch support in the shoe to relieve the numbness from occurring again. Your posture can also cause Numbness in Toes, try focusing on a heel to toe movement allows the toes to flatten out with each step.

A more serious issue of numbness could indicate a case of diabetes, alcoholism, vitamin deficiency or multiple sclerosis. Poor circulation of blood supply to your feet and toes may be related to diabetes or a heart disease. Hardening of the arteries in you legs may cause numbness in you toes. Please consult your doctor or specialist if the numbness is more serious.

7 Ways to Cure Numbness in Toes

  1. Wear the correct sized shoes and compression socks if possible. Try using good quality insoles on shoes that require them
  2. Stretch and warm up before exercise
  3. Change your posture or position to allow circulation to return
  4. Reduce your intake of alcohol and increase your intake of vitamins and minerals
  5. Rub and massage your toes to circulate the flow of blood in your toes
  6. Keep your toes warm with a blanket or heating pad
  7. Contact your doctor to diagnose if you have a more serious condition such as diabetes

Numbness in Toes Summary

numbness in toesIf you are having continuous pain then do your feet and toes a favor and please contact your doctor or specialist. Take note of what activity you were doing at the time the numbness occurred as the more detail you provide to your health professional the faster they can diagnose the problem and the sooner you will be relieved.

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