Toenail Fungus Experience

By Sarah Howes

My Toenail Fungus Experience

I love sports and working out regularly at my local gym which I attend at least twice a week. I have had many injuries at the gym from broken toes to swollen toes. Staying healthy by exercising is enjoyable to me. When I workout at the gym I always make sure that I stay focused and train hard avoiding all the gym chit-chat with my friends. After an intense workout I like to relax in the gym sauna for a while before using the gym shower. This sounds like a normal routine after working out however I believe this is how I caught the toenail fungus infection in the first place.

I have to admit that I never clicked on how unhygienic shared gym facilities are. I would use the sauna and showers bare feet exposing myself to germs and possible fungi. After using the sauna and showers at the gym I would merely pat my feet dry without entirely drying them. Then I would quickly put some socks and boots on rushing to get to work. This is exactly the perfect condition for toenail fungus to grow. I was providing a dark and wet environment allowing the toenail fungus infection to multiply while it happily eats away at the protein under my toenail.

Unfortunately I left my toenail fungus unattended for several months and the toenail started turning into a cloudy ivory/yellow color. The fungus only grew on the largest and tiniest toenail. The toenail grew very thick and an odd dome shape which was very hard to cut with a standard nail clipper. This is not the prettiest sight when you’re at the beach and have to bury your toe in the sand to hide it. Only after a friend pointed out that it looked really ugly in front of everyone that I finally did something about it.

I bought many treatment lotions on the Internet and none of them worked. After doing some research I realized that I could treat my toe toenail fungus infection using products I already owned.

Easy Toenail Fungus System

All I had to do was cut and file back the toenail as far back as I could without feeling any pain. Then clean the toenail with some pure alcohol. Soak the toenail in vinegar for 20 minutes. I would then apply a very thick layer of Vicks VapoRub (or tea tree oil) directly on the nail and let it soak in.

This sounds all too easy and believe me it really was. After a couple of weeks I noticed that my toe nail started to clear up and the fungus was slowly fading away. This was a great sign of things to come which motivated me to keep repeating the process every night. It wasn’t until 2 months later that the toenail fungus had completely cleared up.

Toenail Fungus Experience Summary

toenail fungusI look back at my experience with my toenail and think how unhygienic it was not to wear footwear in common locations such as gym showers and saunas. I always keep my toes clean and have learnt a very good lesson. Take the first steps with your toenail fungus and try this method. Comment below and let everyone know how you get on.

Author: Sarah

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